I think Oliver Cromwell was a hero.

Cromwell's victories at home and abroad helped to vitalize a Puritan attitude of mind, in Great Britain and in North America, which has continued to influence political and social life until recent times....


Oliver Cromwell was well-known as one of the most controversial heroes of his time.

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Though rather unsuccessful as a politician, Cromwell, single-handedly redefining the art of war and military strategy, proved to be one of the greatest military geniuses of all time.

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Homework project which involves using clues to decide if Oliver Cromwell should be called a hero or a villain. There is information on the sheet and additional research could be carried out. There is level criteria which can be amended.

Just before the Restoration of 1660, Pierre Lombart made his plate of Oliver Cromwell.
34, University of Virginia Press, exploring Oliver Cromwell in the popular press of his day.

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Oliver Cromwell and Charles II had similar domestic policies during their reign, specifically pertaining to religious tolerance and the rights of citizens.

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It is through his early career, that the blend of intense Puritanism and a political demagoguery nature created the authoritative, bold and disciplined Cromwell that was present during the Protectorate years.

Click to enlarge) to a work published in the year of Oliver Cromwell's death, 1658, represents him as a worthy, heroic successor to kings.

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