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His inspired works of art capture moments in time and the nature of Britain. Fellow British artist John Ruskin described him as an artist who could most "stirringly and truthfully measure the moods of Nature."

The first full moon as of 2010 was on Saturday, 30.01.2010.

: Many locations of Turner's paintings can be reached by rail

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In fact, judged by its results, it was God Himself who directed the revival, only He endowed His minister with the power of divination to watch its progress and take the stumbling-blocks out of the way.

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By a kind of hallowed psychomancy, that humble man would detect a discordant presence, and hush the voices of a congregation till the stubborn soul felt God in the stillness, and penitently surrendered.Many tones of the great awakening of 1859 heard again in 1904-5, -- the harvest season without a precedent, when men, women and children numbering ten per cent of the whole population of a province were gathered into the membership of the church of Christ.

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David Charles, of Carmarthen, born 1762; died 1834.

Whatever the music meant, the good brethren's and sisters' little meetings became crowded very soon after, and the longed-for out-pouring came mightily upon the neighborhood.

a Saviour for the Fallen" finds an appropriate voice in W.M.

A few pious people in a small village of Montgomeryshire had been making special prayer for an outpouring of the spirit, but after a week of meetings with no sign of the result hoped for, they were returning to their homes, discouraged, when they heard strains of sweet music in the sky.

To find our Daniel Read's old "Windham" there is no surprise.

David Morgan, a Presbyterian, with their singing bands, was general and lasting, hundreds of still robust and active Christians today dating their new birth from the Pentecost of 1859 and its ingathering of eighty thousand souls.A favorite hymn of that revival was the penitential cry, --

It survived even when people and priest alike seemed utterly degenerate and godless.

The following hymn in Welsh () antedates the advice of Dr.

"Jane Welsh Carlyle" was the wife of essayist Thomas Carlyle and has been cited as the reason for his fame and fortune. She was most notable as a Letter (message)/letter-writer. In 1973, G.B. Tennyson described her as

The voice of Walter Bute (1372) rang true for the religion of Jesus in its purity.

Evan Roberts went to the meeting and found his own mission.

Hundreds from all parts flocked to the churches, all ages joining in the prayers and hymns and testimonies, and a harvest of glad believers followed a series of meetings "led by the Holy Ghost."The sounds in the sky were never explained; but the belief that God sent His angels to sing an answer to the anxious prayers of those pious brethren and sisters did no one any harm.Whether this event in Montgomeryshire was a preparation for what took place six or seven years later is a suggestive question only, but when the wave of spiritual power from the great American revival of 1857-8 reached England, its first messenger to Wales, Rev.

Brave John Oldcastle, the martyr, (1417) clung to the gospel he learned at the foot of the cross.

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They stopped in amazement, but the beautiful singing went on -- voices as of a choir invisible, indistinct but melodious, in the air far above the roof of the chapel they had just left.