In The Christopher Columbus Controversy: Western Civilization vs.

How long? As long as it takes, but if I am asking for 5 civilizations, the essay cannot be less than 2.5 pages and that risks ignoring important details. It should also not be more than 5 pages.

were seen as the antithesis of Western civilization.

Their are many ways in which western civilization is like the ancient Greek civilization.

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After the collapse of Soviet Union in 1990, cold war ended. The European Union was formed and has continued to emphasize on economic and political co-operation among the European nations up to date. In the 21st century, western powers still have a lot of influence and power while the Asian and the African nations are still lagging behind. Western civilization has come a long way, from the era of ancient Greek, to the dominating European and United States powers of the modern world.

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Historically there has been a pattern of civilizations rising and falling, although the question of falling is not inevitable.

Western Civilisation by lending attributes that have made our world into what it has become.

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Kelley positions the roots of Western civilization in the Homeric and Platonic world of ancient Greece, but unlike many Christians and previous generations and today will brook no compromise with this "enlightenment paganism" as a valid expression of culture....

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Kelley is by no means a new author but this is a more sweeping work revealing the author's keen grasp of the philosophy of history and particularly of Western civilization.

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In Western Civilization, it is interesting to note the differences between cultures to try to determine in which time period women had a more advantageous lifestyle.

(1961-62) exhibits concern with the crises of faith of contemporary western civilization.


SUMMARY: Families of pioneers swept westward and founded new communities throughout what is now the Midwest, and between 1816 and 1821, six new states were admitted to the Union.

A civilization that is not normally studied by Western nations is the Asian civilization.

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This brought on a profound sense of disillusionment with the values of Western Civilization.

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Thomas Cahill's book How the Irish Saved Civilization sheds light upon the role of the Irish people in the conservation and rebirth of civilization and the Western tradition after the fall of the Roman Empire.