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I’m a Nigerian black woman who grew up in Scotland. This combination means a large chunk of my life has been driven by trying to fight the usual barrage of stereotypes about black people. But at what point do you stop trying to prove stereotypes wrong and just live? As a child, I started off […]

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At the moment, the criminal justice system is based on retributive justice over restorative justice; this is where a lawbreaker receives punishment in proportion to the crime inflicted (Milovanovic, 2007) and is given back what they have given the victim: harm (Koneke, 2011)....

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I truly believe however, that justice as an ideal of a form of punishment does not always come in the conventional ways of a jail sentence, or any other means a court uses to punish criminals.

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The flag stands for equal opportunity. It is a symbol of our independence. It symbolizes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It represents a nation of free people united together. I know that everyone that serves in our country is a hero and that people have risked their lives for us. That makes me appreciate what I have and how lucky I am to live in such a wonderful place with a family that loves me. It means a lot to me that people risked their lives for my freedom.

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I remember last year December when my booker emailed me to tell me I had been confirmed to shoot for Rihanna’s latest venture, Fenty Beauty. I was flown to LA for three days and remember seeing the images of all the girls on the call sheet and being excited to meet them (it’s where I met Duckie and Slick for the first time!) but only now since its launch have I truly realised what it means to be a part of this campaign.