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Can money really buy happiness? Some individuals seem to think so, as for most people, they believe that if you have a lot of money then you can buy happiness. The thing is, it depend, For instance, if you have been poor your whole life then becoming rich would make you very happy, but if you’ve been rich your whole life, that’s different. It wouldn’t really matter as much because there would be a plentiful amount of money in your life already, and it wouldn’t be something desperately needed.

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What makes me happy is I am really doing good at being really creative, decorated, coming along with great ideas, having more designs and thoughts in it. When I am sketching and drawing different styles with the outfits I do in me sketching books. I am also coming along with great different detail designs in prom dresses now for 2013. Also what makes me happy is I like to do different styles to outfits, and also learn how to sew at Joann’s classes to make different things. So doing all this fashion sketching, and drawing makes me happy, I want to prove when I go to college fashion school I am going to show them I am going to put my best effort at designing different styles on outfits for models, and also celebrities. So have a good day. Bye !

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When I try to make someone happy it is usually, when they are feeling sad. I try diffrent things like say something funny or complient them on something. Seeing people sad, sometimes feels contactious to me and will make me sad. The things I do to be happy are: help out people, or do somehting fun like rollerblading or art things.

This essay will discuss the different types of newly developed families, and some factors contributing to this change.

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- Inspiration Report - Beliefnet com" border="0" height="42" width="70">What Makes Me Happy essays For me there are many things that can make me happy in the world, but the two things t hat make me most happy is sports and.

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I’m a person who is easy to feel sad if something affects my mind although it is not worth to feel sad about it. However, I also usually feel happy without any reason. But almost the time, I feel happy when I watch movie, listen to music, cook for my family, talk to my family and sometimes stay at home alone. I agree with Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary-general, that “when we contribute to the common good, we ourselves are enriched.” One time, when my friend didn’t understand about his homework, he asked me to help him. Although it took me 2 hours to help him understand, I felt so happy after we finished. Helping people is another thing make me feel very happy.

Something is as simple as living with my family that all makes me happy.

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Happiness is a universals thing in men life. The different people become happy in their different ways and there are many things that make me happy. For me, one of the most interesting things that makes me happy is people smiling face. It gives me a lot of pleasure than anything else. I also have done something to make someone happy. I usually do that when I am in class or with my friend. I have told them some funny stories and jocks too. That’s way I make them happy. When I see someone in bad mood, I feel so sorry for him. However, I am really agree with the statement that done by the United Nation secretary general. I do like to make people feel better and I think there is nothing more grateful than helping people who really need to care about. At the last, I want say makes somebody and be happy yourself. It’s gives you some extra pleasure.

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