What does the National Anthem mean to me?

From your first sentence, you got my attention and never let me go. You are what our generation is about. You are unapologetic; say it as you see it; to the point without using too many fancy words or clichés. George Orwell would have been proud.

How did one word come to mean so many different things.

These mimes act out their opinion rather than using their voice to declare what they want.

What is to blame for the collapse of the English language.

Since the mid 20th century, some terms common to that time have either dropped off or have evolved to mean something different than its original intent.

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We hold these truths to be self-evident: that language is expression of thought, in the form of speech or written symbols, that have agreed-upon meanings....

The song is so common yet rarely will people take the time to consider what it means.

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The best way change the system is to vote, and to show those people in power who keep your vote from counting that they can’t stay in power unless the system isn’t rigged. Which means you need to vote so those who keep your vote from meaning something won’t have the ability to do what they are doing to your ability to vote. So go out and vote, and show those who are in power that your vote counts and that you won’t take it when they ensure that it doesn’t. Have a good night every one.

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For presidential elections no our votes MEAN NOTHING! Our vote is nothing more than a suggestion, which is ignored, for the electoral college. Bush v Gore PROVES BEYOND ANY QUESTION that our votes do NOT count, rather absurd to try and argue against this.

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Although voters may agree that there should be improved services for everyone, when it comes to voting, it is likely they will vote for what is best for them personally I.e.

Just pick up a dictionary to discover the many different meanings of the same word.

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I believe that, I feel that, I hope that, I think that, I realized that, I learned that, in other words, in order to, in fact, it is essential that, it is important to see that, the reason why, the thing that is most important is, this is important because, this means that, the point is that, really, very, somewhat, absolutely, definitely, surely, truly, probably, practically, hopefully, in conclusion, in summary.

Maybe you have asked what a word means when another has used it out of context.

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Most of us don't really pay attention to what those 31 words we know by heart mean, but they mean more than most most other words we use during the school day.

It was meant to give the right to vote to the African American citizens.

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It’s disheartening to me that our votes and support mean less than we would like to believe. This information is very detailed and explanatory, yet more and more people are becoming quite aware that who we choose is not as vital to the outcome as we’re led to think.