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But what you might have learned from old interview books or when you were a junior in high school is not necessarily the latest in what employers are looking for in a resume.

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I don’t want to do either. My assumption is that language and experience mutually influence each other. Language not only captures experience, it conditions it. It sets expectations for experience and gives shape to it as it happens. What might register as inarticulateness can reflect a different way of understanding and experiencing the world.

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An act can both be discriminatory and, simultaneously, confer anabsolute benefit on those discriminated against, because the conferralof the benefit might be combined with conferring a greater benefit onthe members of the appropriate comparison group. In such a case,the advantage of receiving an absolute benefit is, at the same time, arelative disadvantage or deprivation. For example,consider the admissions policy of Harvard University in the earlytwentieth century, when the university had a quota on the number ofJewish students. Harvard was guilty of discriminating against allJewish applicants on account of their religion. Yet, theuniversity still offered the applicants something of substantial value,viz., the opportunity to compete successfully for admission. Whatmade the university’s offer of this opportunity discriminatorywas that the quota placed (potential and actual) Jewish applicants at adisadvantage, due to their religion, relative to Christian ones.

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What Really Ails America Essay - 977 Words ..

The arguments of Cavanagh and Young raise a question that is not easyto answer, viz., why can indirect and direct discrimination belegitimately considered as two subcategories of one and the sameconcept? In other words, what do the two supposed forms ofdiscrimination really have in common that make them forms of the sametype of moral wrong? Direct discrimination is essentially amatter of the reasons or motives that guide the act or policy of aparticular agent, while indirect discrimination is not about suchreasons or motives. Even conceding that acts or policies ofeach type can be wrong, it is unclear that the two types are eachspecies of one and the same kind of moral wrong, i.e., the wrong ofdiscrimination. And if cases of direct discrimination areparadigmatic examples of discrimination, then a serious question arisesas to whether the concept of discrimination properly applies to thepolicies, rules, and acts that are characterized as“indirect” discrimination.

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UNIT 1: What Really Ails America — My Interpretation and ..

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The idea of intersectionality threatens to destabilize the concept ofdiscrimination. The idea highlights what is problematic about anyaccount of discrimination that abstracts from how different salientidentities converge to shape the experiences of persons. But,taken to the hilt, the idea of intersectionality might appear toundermine any feasible account of discrimination. Reflection onCrenshaw’s own intersectional account illustrates thepoint: she examines the intersection of race and gender butabstracts from other salient social identities, such as disabilitystatus, sexual orientation, and religion. Any of those additionalidentities can and do converge with race and gender to form distinctiveexperiences of discrimination, and so abstracting from those identitiesseems problematic from the perspective that the idea ofintersectionality opens to us. Yet, no feasible treatment cantake into account all of those identities and the many moresocially salient identities that persons have in contemporarysocieties.