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Rabi missed one and perhaps the most important reason why Jews are hated. Jews pray to G The Father, The Creator of all in a direct way: one on One. No one else.
Other religions belive you have go through something else or someone else (Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, idols, etc) to get to G. The Father.
All other religions were made different to Judaism and to survive their leaders indoctrinate their followers (Catholic, Christians, Muslims, etc) and attack every Jewish principle, and Jews along the way, to justify their religion and their survival.
Praying directly to G The Father is impossible for most on this earth, except for the Jews that do so. All others are taught different and led to be antisemitic, anti G The Father, and worshipers of so many things.

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The interview and personal statements will either explicitly ask you why you want to be a doctor or inadvertently through questions like, "tell me about yourself?" The interviewers and reviewers are looking for something that seems true and good for you, given your background and past experiences. For example, the fact that your parents are doctors may be part of a true and good reason for you, but not just because they are doctors. There is another story underneath that one that has influenced your path. Perhaps you're inspired by their dedication to a clinical problem over decades. Perhaps you were there when the child of a patient they treated came up to your parent in the street and thanked them for their commitment to caring for their ailing parent. There must be something more there.

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Knowing why you want to be a doctor is really about knowing your strengths and knowing your best and highest use as a human being. If you don't know your strengths, there is a career counselor, mentor, a brave best friend or self-help book that can start you on your journey.

Tell us not only why you want to be a doctor but what you have done to test your decision.
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Also, when you're in front of an interview panel or when an admissions committee is reading your personal statement, unconvincingly spewing a list of reasons why being a doctor is awesome, comes across as such and admissions committee members know that. You want to focus your answer on the YOU part of why YOU want to be a doctor and why YOU would be an excellent doctor.

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1.) Good tools just get out of the way and make it easier to get the results you want. Lesser tools may take more work.
2.) They add durability for people who use these tools hard all day, every day.
3.) Advanced users may find some of the minor extra features convenient. These conveniences make the photographer's life easier, but they make the photos any better.
4.) Hey, there's nothing wrong with the best tools, and if you have the money to blow why not? Just don't ever start thinking that the fancy tools are what created the work.

The secret to doing it well is to show, not just tell, why you want to be a doctor

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People know cars don't drive themselves, typewriters don't write novels by themselves and that Rembrandt's brushes didn't paint by themselves. So why do some otherwise intelligent people think cameras drive around and make pictures all by themselves? The most advanced, exotic and expensive car can't even stay in the same lane on the freeway by itself, much less drive you home. No matter how advanced your camera you still need to be responsible for getting it to the right place at the right time and pointing it in the right direction to get the photo you want. Every camera requires you to make manual adjustments now and then as well, regardless of how advanced it is. Never blame a camera for not knowing everything or making a wrong exposure or fuzzy image.