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First of all, we must clarify a concept of essay writing, that is, the only content and object of prose is the author’s emotional experience. With the inner structure of the prose – the emotional experience, essays can be written as long as the core of the external structure is clear. The core of the external structure is the details. Prose and fiction built on the description and description of the details, but the details of the arrangement of different combinations.
Essay line is the emotional experience, more or less, come in handy, reassuring the performance of the emotional experience. As a result, we can conclude that prose (which should be called “art prose”) is the most liberal stylistic style, with lots of “water” and flexibility.

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However, essay writing is a must, especially universities that require the ability to write essays as “screening tools” before they decide to accept new students. Not only that, some of them also require the same thing as one of the requirements for graduation. Essays are seen as an appropriate tool for knowing the level of intelligence of students, something that can’t be ignored in the modern education process. By essay, many educators can understand the greatest potential of each student. Of course the talents possessed by the students can’t be generalized to each other.

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