Mary Robinson also began to write her autobiography.

Though they experienced several breakups and reconciliations, which prompted Mary Robinson to write poems such as , and the sonnet sequence , Mary Robinson's relationship with Tarleton continued until 1798.

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Mary Robinson frequently contributed poetry to the , and eventually edited their poetry page.

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Thanks for the dignified excellent report.

I voted for Mary Robinson and you give her fair dues for whatever of good she has done, and she has done some good.

It's sad but true that she has changed. It's alright to have your head in the clouds if you keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. But her curt dismissal of the protestor's question and her avoidance of human rights issues in her home county shows an unfortunate change of character and a loss of the human touch.

Keep up your brave non-violent fight, keep your dignity, forget the begrudgers. Your prolonged non-violent action is historic. Against all the odds, against big business, big government, with all of its ancillaries including the Garda Síochána and the judiciary, you have been courageous and just brilliant. May your light continue to shine from Mayo around the world.

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(Her attempts at writing for the theatre were less successful.)On her return to England in 1788, Mary Robinson became involved in the florid Della Cruscan movement.

In her final writings, Mary Robinson sought to describe and justify her life.
Mary Robinson revenged herself as best she could by writing a savage characterization of Tarleton in .

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Joshua Reynolds.As she recovered, Mary Robinson visited baths and spas on the advice of her doctors, and found comfort in writing poems such as

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Though Mary Robinson's reputation may have helped to sell her writing during her lifetime, it seriously limited her popularity after her death.

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